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31 Jan | When Investing and Travelling Collide

In a few weeks time I’m popping my travel writers hat on and bailing on snow-covered Scandi – I’m jumping on the Trans Mongolian before having a little fun in Asia and hitching a ride on a freighter from South Korea back to Australia.

Once upon a time, a three month spell away from the big computer would have had me flattening my trading account and keeping my fingers crossed that whilst I was away, the markets would turn and I’d be buying back in at a discounted price at the other end. The sort of play that totally goes against the ethos of the investor as I define it. Having done the homework, waiting for things to pan out is the easy part. Going flat is the educational equivalent of doing the swatting without sitting the exam. And I’ve never been one who finds it easy to play it safe.

Today things are different.

Even five years ago wifi connections weren’t a patch on what they are today and depending on where you were travelling, time differences could prove a real bummer when you’re attempting to make informed investment decisions (and remain coherent after a dozen Cuba Libres when speaking with your broker) when London markets are open and doing their thing.

So this time, for the first time on an elongated spell away, I’m not turning defensive on my portfolio.

I’ve got myself a flashy phone (one that can access the web and emails and also has a light sabre feature) and I’ve signed up for price movement and RNS alerts for each of the shares in our portfolio (and a few selected others) over at the London Stock Exchange website.

Basically I’ll get an email when news arrives for any holdings in my portfolio as well price target and price change alerts.

Now I understand prices can change pretty rapidly – especially on AIM – but I’m sort of hoping that by being alerted if and when news arrives and/or prices plunge or rocket, I can keep abreast of happenings in my portfolio and make any decisions that need to be made. A quick but expensive phone call to my broker and I’m still in the game. Okay, that’s in a perfect world.

It’s not fail-proof but even full time investors who stay glued to the screen occasionally have a lunch date, have to change a nappy or sleep through a hangover.

What the hell, I’m an optimist. I’ll let you know how things eventually panned out when I get down under.

Or I could go flat like last time and save myself a packet!

Would love your comments and tales of when travel meets investing.

Thanks again for dropping by.