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04 Jan | Sale – Hutchison China Meditech

The first of our eight transactions for late December 2010 was the sale of another tranche of Hutchison China Meditech.

We bought in to HCM.L in July 2010, taking up 520 shares at £3.14 a share. We first took profit earlier in December selling 220 shares at £5.10 and then again with this more recent sale of 100 shares at £4.95.

Our original outlay (excluding dealer costs) was £1,632.80 and our two December sales have netted £1,122.00 and £495.00 respectively or £1,617.00 in total.

In effect we’ve re-couped our original investment and we still own 200 shares which are currently trading at five quid, valuing our holding at £1,000. Not bad for nowt.

Here’s the reasoning behind our orignal purchase and according to the bulletin boards and a handful of 2011 tipsters, the coming year could well provide more price increases for HCM.L. Here’s hoping.

So why sell now? I always feel comfortable after taking the initial investment from a holding, the rest is gravy. There’s no guarantees in investing so taking profit – even if in hindsight it’s a little premature – should always been done with at least a little smile. After all, that’s what this game is about.

It’s money in the bank and for the moment anyway, money I think I can get to perform better elsewhere. More on that soon.

Thanks again for dropping by and here’s to a profitable 2011 for all.

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