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10 Jan | Sale – PV Crystalox Solar

The 30th December 2010 marked a sad day for Investor Trader. Following the sale of our entire holding of PV Crystalox Solar (PVCS.L) it was the first time since we began our little project in April 2009, that our portfolio held no wind or solar energy shares.

Over the journey at different stages a large percentage of our portfolio has been tied up in Renesola. That is until they packed up their AIM listing and took all their toys to the New York Stock Exchange in November. We also held shares in Clipper Windpower until they became a UTC takeover target in November last year.

With the sale of PV Crystalox Solar it was our decision. A case of possibly being able to make our investment penny perform a little better elsewhere.

Here’s why we jumped in with PV Crystalox Solar to begin with. Small Company Share Watch also wrote a bullish piece in their May 2010 issue and those guys rarely get it wrong.

To be honest, we probably didn’t give PV Crystalox Solar the run it deserved. We bought in on 18th October 2010 – 1,719 shares at 57.21 pence a share – and sold out on the 30th December 2010 – 1,719 shares at 51.03 pence a share. We took a loss in the region of a hundred quid before costs.

I find when your portfolio is performing well and travelling with a few strong gainers anything that is sliding – even slightly – comes under scrutiny. When you’re running with a portfolio of over 10 shares there’s constantly two or three that fall into that category. It’s a danger because you can fall into the trap of over-trading.

Here’s the three month chart (courtesy of SharePrice.co.uk) for PV Crystalox Solar which covers the period we held. Interesting to note it’s put on 10% since we left. I hope it does well going forward, I’d love to jump back in and hold a performing PVCS for years to come.

If anyone has any solar or wind power share tips we’d love it if you posted them in the comments box below.

Thanks again for dropping by.