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07 Jan | Sale – Another Lot of Workspace Group

Early this week I wrote about the sale of part of our holding in Workspace Group – our London-based provider of space to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the capital.

I must admit, I told a little porky in that piece. Due to the fact that I tend to do most of my trading in little clusters – three sales and two buys at a time type thing – I write about transactions in advance and then set them free on the inter-web at pre-determined intervals. If I didn’t follow this methodology you’d get a wave of posts in a single day and then nothing for a fortnight. You’d miss me (I’m possibly overstating our relationship here) then be sick of me all in the space of about 20 minutes.

Anyway, back to our London landlords and my little lie. I believe I said that we still held a bunch – which we did in effect after the first sale – but at the time of writing those too had been sold. Confused? You should be.

Anyway, to cut a tangled tale short, we’ve sold the rest of our Workspace Group – the last 2,000 shares at 23.32 pence. We didn’t lose money on WKP.L but we didn’t make any either.

Here’s why we bought them in the first place

Here’s why we sold the first lot just before Christmas.

And just so you get your money’s worth from this post, here’s a graphical representation from our friends at SharePrice.co.uk to back up my point that Workspace Group’s year has been neither here nor there.

Thanks again for dropping by.