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22 Jan | AIM Soiree – Sleeker, Faster, Sexier

So I just wanted to pen a brisk post to let all you good folks know about a few tweaks, updates and additions we’ve made over at AIM Soiree.

For those of you new to the world of keeping atop of what’s all abuzz on AIM, let me give you the AIM Soiree lowdown (for those of you already in the know, apologies, grab yourself a complimentary beer from the fridge and pick up after the following paragraph).

At AIM Soiree:

we’ve taken UK speculative investment research back to the basics. We aim to answer one question and one question alone: what shares on the London Stock Exchanges’ Alternative Investment Market (AIM) are investors talking about? How do we do it? Well we can’t tell you exactly, that’d be like the Colonel giving away his secret herbs and spices. What we can say is that we take a collection of freely available discussion data (in RSS form) from a bunch of financial websites once a day – roughly at noon – and run it through our AIM Soiree Equidisculatorâ„¢ and share the results here.

Anyway, we like it, but we would.

So by tracking the trends and ranking bulletin board chat for over 800 shares on AIM we provide a handy little free service to UK small cap investors. A service that we’ve spent the weekend adding even more functionality to.


So, Twitter updates – you can follow us at AIMSoiree.

We’ve now got a couple of automated feeds that should update our Twitter account daily around 1pm.

The first has been in place for a while now and alerts all followers to the most discussed share on AIM. Here’s one we prepared earlier:

21 Jan 2012 – Most discussed #AIM Share: Gulf Keystone Petroleum #GKP #GulfKeystonePetroleum

And the second feed we’ve hooked up lists the top 10 most discussed shares on AIM (using TIDM’s). It’ll look a little like this:

21 Jan 2012 – 10 Most Discussed AIM Shares: #GKP #RRL #RKH #XEL #LDP #ECR #RRR #AST #BMR #SOU

Whilst you’re on Twitter, why not follow InvestorTrader and DOWfollowsFTSE too. We do our very best to follow back.

Content Updates

We’ve also added 57 companies new to AIM since we launched AIM Soiree in February 2011 and we’ve removed 66 that have trotted off to the main board or disappeared altogether (takin’ our hard earned with ’em). Mongrels!

RSS and Email Updates

We’ve updated our AIM Soiree RSS feed so you can sign up to get the top five most discussed shares of the day delivered directly to you RSS reader. And if you wanna go all ol’ school, we can even deliver those top five shares straight to your email inbox on a daily basis.

So I hope our new little AIM Soiree additions prove useful. If you’ve got any other ideas on ways we can make AIM Soiree even more practical, we’d love to hear them.

So spread the AIM Soiree word (be it a retweet or a link-swap?), and in return we’ll send you wads of good investment chi via cyberspace.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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