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14 Jan | Alternative Investments That Appeal In the 21st Century

With the economic situation as it is, many people are looking for alternative investment opportunities that lie away from their high street bank. There is risk associated with any form of investment as most people will know, but with government bailouts and static rates, banks are commonly falling short when it comes down to potential returns.

Alternative investment opportunities give people the chance to do things on their terms, and even get involved in a market that they haven’t been in before. Of course, investments are best made with plenty of research and knowledge, which is why many individuals depend on firms to help them make the right choices with their available funds.

So if you are looking at different ideas when it comes to investment, here are just a few things that other people in your position have discovered:


If you search online for the phrase ‘how to invest in gold‘, you will be presented with many helpful guides. The website ‘This Is Money’ has an extensive article about investing in gold through funds, Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs), bullion and coins [1] – this is worth reading if you want to get involved with gold. The Telegraph also published an article in November about the appetite for buying gold among individual investors rising to a six-month high in October [2].

Rare Diamonds

The trading of gold is quite common place now, so it perhaps isn’t as alternative as you would think – however something that can take that title is the trading of rare diamonds. Most people believe that diamonds are highly polished and clear, with a bluish hue. However there is one in 10,000 diamonds that can be described as coloured, meaning it possesses a special rarity. These are the diamonds that can achieve record prices at leading auction houses. Demand has increased whilst supply has diminished.

Art Masterpieces

Another alternative means of investment is in art, with both established and up-and-coming painters and creative types. Sometimes a person is given the label as the next big thing, so people compete to snap up their available pieces of art before they truly hit the big time. This can result in large returns when putting pieces on the market years down the line.


21st century buyers are still interested in old pieces, which is why some antiques continue to do well at auction. It completely depends on what the item is, but it is generally the case that the rarest pieces do better, as well as those that have ties to national culture and history.

Vintage Wines

Finally, there is also a market that trades in vintage wines – and these aren’t generally bought in order to drink. The rarest wines can fetch thousands of pounds at auction, making them a valuable asset to have. Of course, they need to be handled and stored safely, so there are places that will look after bottles for their investors.


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