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29 Jan | Redesign at AIM Soiree

Things are about to get a little messy over at our sister site, AIM Soiree as we bring the design kicking and screaming into 2014. Gone are the kitschy graphics – with the exception of a small homage or two – to be replaced with some funky new colours and lines. And with them, a little new functionality. But more on that later. Just be assured that if things all go a little awry, I’m onto it (maybe) and service should return to normal just as soon as my sub-par programming skills allow.

But why change? A couple of reasons. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a last role of the die to monetise AIM Soiree, before we flick the switch and I turn my attentions to more profitable online adventures elsewhere. To make it at least cover the server costs. In order to do that I have placed some advertising a little more prominently in this redesign, but most importantly, I’ve made it usable on smartphones. At least I think I have. My phone’s pretty old (and pretty dumb). But so far, so good, in testing. Hopefully it’ll open AIM Soiree up to a whole new user-base, or at least the old user-base when they’re sitting on trains or stuck in traffic.

So if you feel like helping out, signing up for an ETX Capital spread trading account would assist me greatly. These guys have got an incredible range of tradable AIM shares and a wonderful user interface. Never a bad idea to have a second account, especially one with the market range that ETX have got.

Okay, I’ll put the tin away. So if things look a little different at AIM Soiree, or if something has disappeared, chances are it’s only temporary. If symptoms persist, drop me an email and I’ll take a closer look.

Lastly, if you’ve been an AIM Soiree user over the years, thanks a ton. I really appreciate your custom. I look forward to sharing some pretty exciting new features with you in the coming days. Did someone say the combined discussion for up to 10 AIM shares on one page? Maybe they did.