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02 Jan | Social Trading Championships

The popularity of social trading continues to soar. And it’s not just those new to the world of trading who are reaping the rewards of the social trading revolution.

Experienced real money traders are supplementing their income by publishing their own trading strategy (in a range of investment vehicles from indices, currencies and commodities through bonds and individual shares) building their own track record, attracting followers and being remunerated for every trade those followers implement.

Utilising social trading market leaders ayondo’s award-winning TradeHub® platform, Top Traders show off their investing chops by advancing through five career levels — Street Trader, Advanced, Professional, Risk-Adjusted and Institutional.

The higher the career level you attain, the more potential followers you’ll attract and the greater your potential to earn becomes.

Within 12 months those Top Traders with a successful track record can aspire to reach the Institutional career level — where real money traders receive 12% commission on the gross income of the spread earned from each and every Follower’s trade.

By joining up for the ayondo Social Trading Championship, traders not only rise through the ranks of career levels but benefit from a range of prizes when attaining each level. Those Top Traders who manage to reach the pinnacle of the ayondo Top Trader career and attain Institutional status will share in a prize pool of up to $250,000.

All trade signals from ayondo Social Trading Championship contestants will be simultaneously published on the ayondo Social Trading platform, giving participants the chance to gain followers whilst obtaining additional remuneration.

It’s not only the novice investor who can get caught out by a dramatic market movement. To that end ayondo have taken out additional, industry-leading insurance cover of up to £500,000 per client — an invaluable service that is free of charge to their customers.

In essence, in the event that your losses exceed your account balance, this negative balance protection ensures ayondo will not seek to recover those losses from you.

To learn more about ayondo’s goal to revolutionise investing and their operations worldwide check out the following video.