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18 Feb | AIM Soirée – Ranks AIM Discussion

We’ve never made a secret of the fact that we’re more than just a little risk-loving here at Investor Trader. A quick peek over to the right (to the day in numbers) should provide more than enough proof.

Our portfolio – with the exception of a main board crossover from Entertainment One – is chock-a-block of AIM shares that we’ve uncovered from a range of sources over the journey.

As many private investors with a speculative bent will attest, AIM shares can double their price, or indeed, halve their price in a single day. They key is being in the right place at the right time to make the most of those price fluctuations.

Timely information is imperative. What’s being spoken about in terms of AIM equities? Where are the UK’s speculative investors heading and why? As far as indicators go, public investor interest in an equity is as good a starting point as any for making an investment decision.

But how can we effectively measure that public investor interest?

Enter AIM Soirée.

AIM Soirée is a new website that does one thing and one thing alone. It ranks AIM discussion for – at the time of writing – 813 AIM equities.

It uses publicly available information from some of the biggest UK Investment websites (including Interactive Investor and LSE) to produce lists of the most discussed shares on their AIM discussion boards.

Once a day at 12.45pm sharp, AIM Soirée gathers that information afresh, runs it through its algorithm and posts its findings with links back to the most popular discussion boards from all your favourite UK investment bulletin boards.

As investors, you decide for yourselves whether the hype justifies an investment but it’s not a bad first step in doing a little investment homework.