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01 Feb | Stellar Diamonds Finds….Well….Yeah, Diamonds

Stellar Diamonds today announced “encouraging initial diamond recoveries from drill core samples of the Company’s 100% owned Droujba kimberlite pipe in south east Guinea“.

Highlights from the sample included:

  • 538 diamonds recovered from 291.62kg of Kimberlite
  • 5 commercial sized diamonds larger than 0.85mm recovered
  • Largest recovered diamond measures 5.60mm x 2.80mm x 1.80mm
  • Majority of diamonds are classified as white, colourless and transparent
  • Macro-diamond grade forecast to be undertaken

You can read the full release over at the London Stock Exchange website.

Here’s why we got on board with Stellar initially.

Today’s good news just reinforces that decision. In the month and a bit since then, Stellar Diamonds has piled on gains of 48% and I can’t see the Stellar sparkle fading any time soon.

Thanks again for dropping by (and sorry about the sparkle quip).