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20 Feb | AIM Soiree Enhancements

Record short post coming up. I’ve got 15 minutes to be out of the door but not before I let you all know about some super enhancements over at AIM Soiree.

Each of the 804 AIM shares we rank now has its very own page. Hurrah!

Here’s one for Range Resources we made earlier.

Now, although the chart, price and volume data displayed is delayed (we suggest you head on over to Share Price for live pricing anywho), each page has plenty of up-to-the-minute data to keep you coming back for more.

As well as today’s AIM Soiree overall and sector ratings and links through to the company website, all the latest chat from Interactive Investor and LSE are displayed on the very same page as well as what’s being tweeted on twitter.

Oh and zoom between any of the top 100 most discussed shares pages using our patented drop-down system. Okay, it’s not patented and it’s basic HTML but it does drop down.

So instead of scanning three or four windows for all the latest discussion and twitterings we bring it together on one page.

Told you it would be quick. Thanks again for dropping by. More on some potential buys later in the week.