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19 Feb | AIM Soiree

We’ve been having a bit of a poke around with the code that does what it does on AIM Soireé and I thought a little update may be in order.

For those of you yet to sample the Burt Bacharach-backed, velvet-lined plushness that is AIM Soireé, I implore you to drop everything, apply a dob of brylcreem and mosey there immediately.

In a nutshell, AIM Soireé ranks the frequency of bulletin board discussion from some of the UK’s largest financial portals – think III.co.uk and LSE.co.uk – for 800 AIM listed shares, once a day at 12.45pm, then posts its findings on site.

It’s like hanging out at the all-knowing water cooler of AIM investment.

It’s a great place to catch all of the important AIM share discussion from the major UK bulletin boards side by side along with other great info like short, sharp company descriptions, all the company talk from twitter in one place, news items from Proactive Investors, up-to-the-minute RSS and Yahoo charts on 800 AIM listed companies.

Anyway, here’s one we prepared earlier for Range Resources, check it out for yourself, I’ve blathered on enough.

Onto those updates:

You’re not going to notice any large scale changes – our motto, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, ohhh…..and, I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy – but we have pulled a few levers and twisted a few knobs over the past few months that will hopefully make for a fuller AIM Soireé experience.

So apart from some behind the scenes codey stuff and some efforts to neaten the place up a little, we’ve:

  • added a headline feed for the five most recent RSS releases for each company with links through to the full text at Interactive Investor.
  • still got all of the latest headlines from Proactive Investors for each company but now you can mouseover an adjacent icon to get a little mouthful of an article before deciding whether you want click through to take on the whole dish.
  • added in the emoticons – that are oh so popular with some posters – for the Interactive Investor discussion feeds.

Those changes have yet to be applied to LSE SoireéAIM Soireé‘s bigger, uglier sister – but they’ll come in time.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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