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23 Feb | AIM Soiree Facelift and New Functionality

A super quick post today to update you on the latest happenings over at AIM Soiree.

For those of you who are non au fait with AIM Soiree, here’s the one-paragraph take on what we do:

Everyday, at just past noon, the AIM Soirée Equidisculator™ heads off on to the Interweb and ranks all 850+ shares on London Stock Exchange’s AIM Market based on the amount of Interactive Investor and LSE combined discussion they attract. As well as the daily rankings for each of those shares we provide a stack of information on the one page – aggregated bulletin board discussion and tweets, no-nonsense company descriptions, share charts and a bunch of quality articles, videos and presentations from the likes of Proactive Investor and BRR Media. In short, we grab all the best bits for 850+ AIM shares from multiple online sources and pile ’em up on the one page. An automatically updated, one-stop shop for your favourite AIM share. Here’s our offering for Gulf Keystone Petroleum.

For those of you who’ve spent a bit of time at AIM Soiree, you’ll notice we’ve undergone a bit of a facelift of late. We hope it makes for a better user experience whilst maintaining some of the colour and fun that has set us apart from many of the other online UK investment offerings out there.

But the changes don’t end at the superficial…

Under the hood, we’ve added pages for 93 new shares that have found their way onto AIM in the past 12 months and trimmed 62 that for one reason or another, no longer call AIM home.

But perhaps our favourite new investor tool comes in the form of the brand spanking AIM All In page. Some of you may have used our AIM Chat-trick page were you can track the discussion from Interactive Investor and LSE for three shares on the one page. Well, now we’ve upped the stakes. Did somebody say 10 shares on the one page. Heck yeah! That’s right, we’ve gone all in. Now you can follow the most recent discussion from Interactive Investor and LSE for 10 AIM shares on the one page.

But it’s not just AIM Soiree that’s been prettied up. Her little sister over at LSE Soiree has had the treatment too. And though we’re yet to add pages for new additions to the main board, that’s something we’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

We’re always aiming to provide our users with a great online experience at all of the Soiree sites, so if you have any ideas or thoughts on ways we can do things even better, we’d love to hear them.

Thanks again for dropping by.