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02 Mar | West China Cement

First off allow me to apologise for the infrequency of my posting of late. Rather than braving the European chill, for the last month I’ve been avoiding things that slither and sting down under. I’ve swapped my laptop for a beach towel and the only stock that’s piqued my interest has been the stock of beer in the esky.

I’ve attempted to keep an eye on things financial whilst I’ve been here, but to be honest, any minor portfolio value gains I’ve made in that time seem to have been offset by corresponding minor losses with a net effect of, well, pretty much zero.¬†

West China Cement did catch my eye Monday however, finishing the day up a chunky 34 pence (7.4%) at 490 pence.

We jumped into West China Cement – don’t get stuck in the pun – back in mid July at 170 pence and topped up in August at 257 pence. And since then there’s been strong talk of a Hong Kong listing with the price going from strength to strength.

The five quid barrier was breached once late last year, but only briefly. It’s a significant barrier and if WCC can break through it again and sustain the price above that¬†psychological¬†ceiling, then in my humble opinion, the coming months could see further strong gains.

Anyway, the day is young and the sun is shining so I better get back to it. That beer ain’t gonna drink itself!

Graph supplied courtesy of Interactive Investor - http://www.iii.co.uk