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27 Apr | Investor Trader Finds its Aim

Launch of a Website Mk. II

So I’ve been sitting on this Investor Trader site for a while now. I make a comfortable living online through a handful of a travel sites (and a little freelance to boot) and whilst I have an interest in investing and trading, it’s far from an area of expertise (in fact if you graphed my ROI from the past decade, you’d be within your rights to argue that even interest is quite a strong term; to the contrary, it would seem that I’m committed to giving wads of my hard-earned to business-men in ten thousand pound suits to do with what they will). But more on that later.

So originally – when economic times were rosier (2005) – I thought, hell, why not, let’s poke a toe in the investment/trading online waters and see what comes of it. Unfortunately, at the time, it was a toe and no more. I set up a structure for the site, added a little advertising, played around adding a couple of dozen links through to some big players in the UK financial markets and then let it sit.

It was a second rate financial directory, nothing more. I had other more pressing matters (8 other websites to tend to for starters) and Investor Trader was far from a priority. I hadn’t expected anything to come from it and that’s what I got, nada!

Fast forward, 2009. Whilst the financial world tumbles and spins (my meagre portfolio with it) I got to thinking that maybe it was time to re-visit this little project but this time committed with a clearly-stated, quantifiable aim! Yes, an aim can make any project worthwhile, I assured myself. So rather than adding to the disappointing directory, I sat down with pen and paper and decided to swing plan Investor Trader into action. The ink’s still drying but I’ll be posting my aims and goals for Investor Trader Mk II online in the next day or two. Stay tuned…