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28 Apr | The Aim of Investor Trader


1. To earn £1,000,000 by investing and trading the UK and FOREX markets – using only money derived from this website – over a five year period, beginning 28th April 2009 and finishing at the close of business on the 27th April 2014.

2. To donate 50% of any profit derived in that time to a (yet to be announced) charity.

Okay, so that’s the official stuff out of the way! If I hit the magical million, then £500,000 will go to charity, if I make a grand (£1,000), then charity will get a monkey (£500).


So I’ve set the bar p-r-e-t-t-y high huh? Agreed! But what the hell, faint heart never won fair maiden, and all that! Personally I’ll be happy with a grand but that’d be a pretty boring concept for a website and not really newsworthy enough to get anyone stopping by.


It’s a big question! I know a little about the markets but I ain’t no Warren Buffet. I’ve been investing in the UK markets for a little over a decade now (with limited success) and I’ve been dipping in and out of day trading (mostly FOREX) for three years, at the time of writing. One of the big bonuses for me personally from writing this blog, will be that I’ll be adding to the knowledge on an almost daily basis.

I make my living online from a number of websites using the very methods I’m aiming to employ to huge effect here. So I’m fairly confident about hitting that first thousand quid, it’s the following 999 where the fun will begin.


A little more serious stuff now: To begin with, on the 28th April 2009, I transferred the following stock from my personal portfolio to the Investor Trader portfolio (would have been a fairly boring first few months without something to keep our eye on):

ReneSola Ltd. (SOLA.L) –  2,377 shares purchased at £1.0450 per share for a total cost of £2,483.96

Low Carbon Accelerator Ltd. (LCA.L) – 1,834 shares purchased at £0.2950 per share for a total cost of £531.86

Climate Exchange PLC (CLE.L) – 78 shares purchased at £7.00 per share for a total cost of £546.20

Total Initial Outlay: £3,562.02

Capital appreciation (or dreaded depreciation) derived from this initial injection will be included in the revenue but the initial outlay of £3,562.02 must be paid back in full (we’ll have no cheating here I tell ya). So I guess we’re starting out at three and half grand in the red. So be it!


Rather than sharing every penny I accumulate from site revenue with you (our loyal readers) I’ll keep you up to date with advertising, partnership and affiliate earnings overviews. InvestorTrader is more about the capital appreciation I make from trading and investing.


The home page sports some big fat numbers showing our progress (however slow it may be) and obviously there’ll be this blog where we’ll share with you our market dealings and take on board your ideas.

You’ll be able to view the actual breakdown of our portfolio as it stands at any given time by clicking the portfolio button links at the top of each page.

So, wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it!