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01 Apr | On the Radar – OPG Power Ventures

After keeping a sneaky eye on OPG Power Ventures for the past few months, I’ve decided to to take the plunge and add it to the Investor Trader Radar.

OPG was set up in 2008 to develop, own and manage power generation facilities in India based on a prevailing and an expected electricity demand and supply imbalance in the country over the coming years.

To that end OPG have slowly but surely been building a decent head of steam. Modest beginnings saw a 19.4MW power plant come online early in Tamil Nadu, followed by a smaller 10MW plant in Chennai last year. Expansive plans for the future include a 77MW plant in Chennai and two 150MW plants in Gujarat by 2012 resulting in a massive increase in potential capacity.

The shares are off their 95 pence high from late last year and represent excellent mid-to-long-term value trading around the 65 pence mark.

If we can shuffle around some funds it could be time to take the OPG plunge and power up our portfolio, Indian style.