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11 Apr | It’s Been a While

My apologies first up for the complete lack of posts over the past couple of months. After a spell in Russia and Asia I’m back in my native Australia taking stock of a portfolio that’s suffered a bit of a bashing from its highs of January.

To say I’ve lost touch with what’s been happening in the market is a bit of an understatement. Before I headed off I’d set up RNS alerts for each of the holdings in my portfolio which did the job of conveying any major updates whilst I was on the road. Though to be honest, I rarely took in more than the headline. Thankfully nothing too drastic happened. Though in retrospect there may have been one or two trades I would have considered had my finger been a little closer to the market pulse.

So the plan from here? After taking another cursory glance over all the RNS that are sitting in my in-box, and a good look at some three month charts, I think a little bulletin board trawling and is quite high on the agenda.

I know there’s been some happenings over at Berkeley Mineral Resources, MeDaVinci has become Orogen Gold and Pan Pacific Aggregates is still temporarily suspended “pending an announcement and publication of a document“. So that’s where I’ll begin.

If you’ve had a bit of a win on the markets recently why not consider making a donation to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

More to come soon. Thanks again for dropping by.