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18 Apr | Taking Stock

Back in January of this year I took stock of our portfolio by lifting the three month charts of the 13 shares we held from our friends at SharePrice.co.uk. From a technical point of view it gives a great snapshot of your holdings and although the process in January was conducted with a tad more optimism, it’s an exercise I tend to undertake whenever I’ve had a spell away from the keyboard.

This time around I’ve gone with yearly charts. Twelve month charts give an overview of longer term trends whilst showing up any  shorter term corrections.

If what I see an any of the charts piques my curiosity and gets me thinking about trading a particular equity, I’ll then give all that equities charts – from their weekly through their five year forms – a good once over and attempt to tie in any major fluctuations in price with company news and to lesser extent speculation from the bulletin boards. And so the process begins…

Anyway, I’m ranting again, here they are:

Alecto Energy

Asian Citrus

Atlantic Coal

Berkeley Mineral Resources


Dominion Petroleum

Edenville Energy

Entertainment One

Herencia Resources

Hutchison China Meditech

Orogen Gold

Pan Pacific Aggregates

Stellar Diamonds