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11 Apr | AIM Shares Compared

We’re easily distracted here at Investor Trader. It doesn’t take much for us to start day-dreaming and then set off running with a new idea rather than stick with the tried and tested success routine of blogging regularly.

In the past 12 months those day-dreaming sessions have seen us sidetrack our Investor Trader efforts and develop AIM Soiree and DOW follows FTSE.

And it was while recently tabbing between different windows comparing charts for half a dozen different AIM shares that I came up with the idea for Shares Compared.

Now AIM Shares Compared is definitely in a beta stage at the moment – there’s a lot more bells and whistles to come – but the chassis is in place if you want to take it for a test drive or kick the tyres.

Here’s the spiel:

Tired of flicking between browser windows comparing those all-important UK share charts before making that ultimate investment decision?

Then welcome to Shares Compared (London AIM edition) where UK investors can conjure up to half a dozen comparative share charts (with all your favourite technical indicators to boot) on a single page.

Change ’em around, add an indicator or chart overlay, print ’em out, but keep it on the lowdown – it’s our dirty little city secret.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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