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04 Apr | AIM Chat Trick – Triple the Discussion

Hi there, you look nice, do something with your hair? Just a quick update today on new happenings over at AIM Soiree.

We’ve given the Soiree a bit of a tune-up in terms of the companies it follows. We’ve trimmed a lot of dead wood, getting rid of those companies that, for whatever reason, have moved on (up, down, disappeared) from AIM in the past 12 months. But more importantly, we’ve added in those companies that over the past 12 months have moved on in. And there’s one or two companies that we have missed in previous updates that have now been added to the mix – holders of Sefton Resources rejoice!

The upshot is we’re now tracking 837 AIM players, up from the 800 we were tracking previously.

But my favourite little update is the addition of a new page; the AIM Chat-Trick. This is a page devoted to the doyens of discussion. Here you can pull up the most recent discussion for not one, not two but three AIM companies on the one page. It’s a tight fit and you’ll need a decent bit of screen real estate but for those bouncing between bulletin boards it could just be a God send. So finish that latte and get on over to the AIM Chat-Trick page now.

We’ve got a couple of juicy partnerships (think AIM company related audio and video to our individual share pages) in the works which should come online in the coming weeks, so watch this space.

May all your arrows be upturned and blue (unless you’ve gone short). Thanks again for dropping by.