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04 May | Setting Up for Online Earnings

While the London Markets take a well-earned breather for the May Day long weekend, I’ve been hard at work adding content, earning potential and setting up a few social media connections to Investor Trader in an attempt to jump start this little project.

I’ve kicked things off with a couple of online earners – Google Adsense and ADVFN – an investment portal that offers, amongst a range of financial services, the Holy Grail of the online investor, free real-time London share prices.

The portfolio page now tracks market data (on a 15 minute delay) so we can all see the value of the Investor Trader portfolio at any given time. Clicking on any of the share names or EPIC codes of any equities listed within the portfolio will now take you through to page dedicated to that particular company.

On the social media front, we’re up and running on Twitter, though tweets are few and far between.

Bring on the trading week!