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29 May | Small Company Sharewatch

I’ve just this week signed up for Small Company Sharewatch. After years of uhmmming and ahhhing, I bit the bullet and boy am I glad that I did.

Now, I am in no way involved with or affiliated with Small Company Sharewatch, so my views are totally my own and not tainted by the almighty penny.

As the name suggests, Small Company Sharewatch aren’t on the lookout for bargains to be had with the blue chips, rather for great value investments to be had amongst the small to mid-caps.

They produce a monthly newsletter in which they share their well-researched views (they physically visit the companies they review) on a number of quality equities to watch (May 2009’s edition featured 20 such listings). They run their own growth portfolio where their prowess as stock tippers is there for all to see.

They are no fly-by-nighters either, having been in the business since 1993 – an eternity in this game.

So after one single edition I’m pretty much sold already and eagerly awaiting the June edition to plonk itself in my mail box. As a penny stock lover from way back and with potential exceptional growth the main criteria I use when selecting an equity, I can see my subscription being put to very good use this year.

I’ll leave the last words to the Small Company Sharewatch website then let you make up your own mind:

Launched in November 1994, shares in our Sharewatch Growth Portfolio I, a virtual portfolio that only bought shares recommended in the newsletter, based on an investment of £25,000, delivered stunning growth of 1089% before receipt of dividends, before being terminated in July 2001. This represented a capital gain of £272,142. Over the same period, Sharewatch has delivered growth some 12.8x better than the FTSE-All Share.

For more info, pay them a visit.