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28 May | Time to Trade Some Forex

Whenever I take a bit of a short-term battering with my mid to long-term investments, I tend to look to FOREX trading to focus my activities. Long term, I’m usually very bullish with the equities I’ve chosen to invest in – often despite prevailing economic conditions – so it’s nice to switch to FOREX where I can let fly with any bearish sentiment.

I stick almost exclusively to trading the US Dollar and British Pound (USD/GBP) where I at least have an inkling of what’s going on – well as much as anyone really can when trading FOREX.

I’d like to think I always go in with the right intentions – timing my entry to the market, having a clear objective to the trade, with tight (but not too tight) stops in place – though all the best intentions tend to mean nothing when my money’s on the line.

In short, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but it’s a fun ride. Anyway, I’ll dust off my trading account, set a couple of things in action and get back to you – both my loyal readers – in due course with the reults of my first trades in a while. Wish me luck!