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30 May | Web promotion, It’s been a while….

A big part of attempting to make a buck from a website (in our case, to invest it and turn into a cool mill) is figuring out how to drive traffic there to begin with.

I’ve had my fair share of luck in the past with web promotion (I run a handful of travel-related sites that together, bring in two million odd visitors each year – and I do mean odd) but I’m yet to bring that sort of success to a blog. To be fair, a couple of the larger sites have been around since 2001 and the search engines tend to love a bit of longevity. These bad boys are pretty much on auto-pilot now. I feed them a little content and they keep up their numbers. It’s all good.

So in a way it’s been kind of fun turning my attention to Investor Trader and sinking my teeth (although it’s probably more a case of dipping my toe at the moment) into social networking and modern web marketing. Signing up with services like Twitter, MyBlogLog and submitting to a small fraction of the millions of blog directories out there. I’ve begun leaving comments on other people’s blogs and actively seeking reciprocal links. It’s been a long time since I’ve been working so hard on web promotion but I’m confident things will pay off in the long run. (If you’re after a fantastic resource on the subject head over to Yaro Starak’s, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com and get hold of his “Blog Profits Blueprint”.)

So you’ve read this far, here’s another tidbit of info on the house. This one has been on the web since the word “Google” was simple gibberish, it’s a great little service and free too (though you pay what you like, if you’re happy with what you get). Selfpromotion.com is a site submission service with a difference, basically the difference is Robert knows what he’s doing. I won’t prattle on but I suggest you check him out.

As I write this our Investor Trader experiment has turned one month old and although we’ve got a trickle of visitors, it’s hardly the torrent I need to meet it’s objectives. But as Paul Kelly once so succinctly put it, from little things, big things grow.