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03 May | Week 1 Summary – Portfolio Value £3,845 Up £283

Not a bad start to our little online venture, week one saw us kick off with a £283.82 capital gain!

Our portfolio of 3 green-friendly shares (Renesola Ltd, Climate Exchange PLC and Low Carbon Accelerator Ltd) all ended higher.

Renesola Ltd

Our AIM-listed, Chinese solar wafer manufacturer did the brunt of the work, starting out our shortened week at £1.0450 before finishing at £1.1525. Our 2,377 shares appreciated in value from a starting value of £2,483.96 to £2,739.49 for a tidy gain of £255.53.

Personally, I’ve held Renesola on and off since it entered the market in 2006 – I’ve seen it peak at over 7 quid and dive down below a quid. It’s a bumpy ride but I’ll hang in there, because, long-term I see a massive potential for green energy (and the Chinese market to boot). But to be honest, on a week to week basis, movements in Renesola’s price are about as predictable as well…..a Chinese stock in the green energy sector during a recession – not very!

Through some tought times of late there seems to have been some support for Renesola around the quid mark though, so I’ll be looking to top up in the coming weeks, revenue allowing.

Climate Exchange PLC

Climate Exchange spent the week bouncing around the 7 quid mark. We began the week holding 78 shares at £7.00 and ending holding the same amount at £7.01 for a profit of…drumroll…£0.78.

Low Carbon Accelerator Ltd

After starting April below 20 pence, Low Carbon Accelerator is on the comeback trail, ending our four day week up one and a half pence at £0.31. Our holding of 1,834 shares yielding a gain of £27.51.