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13 May | A Little Renesola Profit Taking

A few days back I wrote about Renesola testing new recent highs in the lead-up to results and how the situation in Greece threw a bit of spanner into the works. Well results have come and gone, and not bad results at that, but having a bit of a conservative edge about me of late, I took a little profit, realising 400 shares at £2.41 a share for a return before costs of £964. We were averaged into Renesola at £1.12 so we more than doubled our money and we’ve still got 1,000 SOLA’s sitting in our portfolio mix.

There are one or two potential purchases we’ll be looking closely at in the coming days using the stockpile of cash we’re sitting on after our West China Cement sale, so stay tuned. And don’t worry too much about that conservative edge, I’m working on ridding it as a bit of a priority.