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25 May | When Times Are Bad – An Apology

I’ve got an apology to make. When times are good – as a blogger – you can’t shut me up. I’m talking big, the million quid looks more than doable and I’m shooting my mouth off to anyone who’s willing to drop by. But when things turn sour for a month or two, well, I dash for the hills. Not a share-related peep out of me for weeks on end. I must come across as the original fair-weather investor.

So apologies, all that stops today. Over the coming weeks I’ll be taking a close look at each of the holdings that constitute our little portfolio, where they’re at and where I think they’re heading. Heck, I may even formulate an exit strategy or two whilst I’m at it (or take a look at some absolute return funds).

First off the rank will be Alecto Energy, though they’ve had a name change earlier this week to Alecto Minerals. See, share-related information. That wasn’t hard at all. And almost cathartic to boot. But more on Alecto tomorrow.

Thanks again for dropping by.