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10 Jun | News, News, It’s All About the UK Investment News

Investing without the most up-to-date news is like eating a kebab without using your hands, it might be fun for a while, but it’s gonna get messy!

Now with a million and one investment news sources on the web, the beginner investor can get lost in a sea of analysis and opinion and fail to see the big picture. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of places I go for my finance news, online, in the papers, on the box, but there’s only one place I go every morning for my financial news overview, and that’s straight to my inbox.

ADVFN have their “Morning Euro Markets Bulletin” that arrives promptly via email in my inbox just as I’m wiping the sleep from my eyes and devouring that first cup of coffee. It gives a great overview of what’s going on in the London Markets; short, sharp, small paragraphs on individual companies that I can take in first thing in the morning. It broadly tells me what’s happening in Europe and on the US markets, just giving me the highlights not drowning me in a sea of facts and figures. It touches lightly on commodities and currencies, again sticking to the big picture.

But my favourite aspect of this wonderful paperless piece of press is their UK Event Calendar for the Day. This baby is gold and basically summarises dividends that are due, economic and trading announcements that will be made and EGMs and AGMs that are taking places. In a nutshell, the sort of data I need so I don’t blindly wander off into yet another field of investment landmines. And it’s all in the one place.

Oh and it’s a freebie. So head on over to ADVFN, sign up for their free service – lots of cool stuff like real-time prices and charts and bulletin boards – but make sure you get your copy of the Morning Euro Markets Bulletin delivered to your inbox.