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01 Jun | Day 34 – Portfolio Value £6,185 Up £276 On The Day

Now that’s the sort of day we’d like to see more often.

In fact, to show you what we’re up against here with our far-fetched Investor Trader challenge, if, for the remaining 1,791 days of our project, our portfolio were to appreciate by £276 (as it has today), we’d amass a further £494,316. Add that to our current portfolio value of £6,185 brings us in at £500,501. Roughly speaking, half way.

But, I’m a hopeless optimist and where there’s the power of multiples, I’ll remain that way. If we can appreciate £276 in a day on a £6,000 portfolio, then a £60,000 portfolio adds a zero to that appreciation and all of sudden our target seems all the more attainable.

Now to the nuts of bolts of Monday 1st June 2009.

On a percentage scale our latest acquisition – Ceramic Fuel Cells – led the way. The hugely volatile of late, Melbourne-based, alternative energy products manufacturer finished north 17% on the day, after pinging about between 6.5 and 12.5 pence for the past week and a half. No doubt there’s been some profit taking after a lean 2009 but today’s return to form, confirms there’s still some value to be had. This time two years ago Ceramic Fuel Cells was bopping along happily up around the 50 pence mark so while it’s a bumpy ride, we’ll hang in there for a while.

ReneSola and Low Carbon Accelerator both chimed in with decent 6% gains, whilst we fell off 2.5% on Clipper Windpower.

Now onto Tuesday, stringing consecutive good days together is what this game is all about.