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03 Jun | Day 36 – Portfolio Value £6,215 Down £127 On The Day

After our flying start to the week I’m not too perturbed by finishing the day £127 south.

Low Carbon Accelerator finished the day off 11% and although I have faith in it in the longer term, it may be a case of taking a small hit on it soon and employing the capital to better effect elsewhere. Unfortunately, on low volumes, no news and little hype, smaller AIM shares often fall off the radar pretty sharpish and drift in price. It doesn’t mean anything has changed fundamentally, it’s just an idiosyncrasy of smaller markets. Often it presents a buying opportunity for the shrewd investor if there is news around the corner. Watch LCA fly, if I bail out 😉

Ceramic Fuel Cells continued its impression of a pinball finishing the day down a meagre (for it of late) 4%. Looking at the one month chart trading has taken place between 3.5 and 12.5 pence so possibly we’ll see a little settling in the volatility soon or then again…..

ReneSola stayed above recent resistance of 140 pence which is good news, but an 8% drop in ReneSola’s US listing – as I type this – does not bode well for tomorrow.

Thanks again for dropping by, may all your arrows be blue and don’t forget to check out Kiva if you’ve got a spare dollar or two – it feels great to lend a buck to those who really need it!