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08 Jun | Day 41 – Portfolio Value £7,543 Up £230 On The Day

Well I hate to be a one-track DJ, but again today, our portfolio appreciation is down to the largest of our holdings, Renesola.

It was a choppy day for our Chinese solar wafer manufacturer, following Friday’s unexpected sprint to two quid (28% gain on the day), so I guess there was a little trepidation in the market today. Renesola opened down at 190 pence, rose 10 pence in the first five minutes of trading, peaked at 218, droppped back to 191 just before 3pm and finally finished the day at 210. Life’s never boring when you’re holding AIM shares that are trading at any sort of volume.

Its New York Stock Exchange sister listing is up 2% as I type, so who knows maybe there’s more in this tomorrow. After taking some healthy profits on ReneSola on Friday, I’m tempted to offload another batch tomorrow. I love this share long term but making 100% on any equity in 40 days is hard to knock back.