Our portfolio made nice gains again today on the back of, yep, you guessed it, ReneSola.

Our Chinese solar wafer maker finished up a further 16 pence (7.69%) today, a continuation in the strong uptrend that has seen it’s price roughly double in the past 16 trading days.

Renesola's Recent Rises

Renesola's Recent Rises - chart courtesy www.iii.co.uk

I’ve got to admit to offloading another parcel of ReneSola today and at nowhere near the peak of the day’s trading. I sold 500 shares at a price of 2.0807 for a total consideration of £1,040.35.

I’ve been expecting a retraction for the past three days but what do I know. Anyway, our portfolio still holds 1,500 and with a good proportion of our initial investment back in the bank, we’ll see what ReneSola has in store for the rest of the week.

As for the grand in cash, I think I’ll do a little homework and not slap it down too hastily. Opportunities to partake in a little value investing abound at the moment, and not just in the small caps. How very grown up and non-impulsive of me (I’m reading a book on Buffet at the amount and I think his methods are rubbing off).

Ceramic Fuel Cells seems to have stalled after their speedy ascent from 3.5 pence to 13 pence – looks like I timed that one all wrong, though I’m happy with a longer term hold here as I like what they’re doing.

Low Carbon Accelerator peaked in mid May and has smoothly declined almost daily since.

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