So, the inevitable happened, ReneSola came back a little. Not a lot, but a little and believe it or not, I’m a touch relieved. Not that I don’t like making money, it’s just that volatile stocks that climb that fast tend to slump back down to earth with an even bigger thump.

For ReneSola to have a mild 6.8% retraction – and 6.8% is mild going on this past month’s gains – is healthy. It makes me think that perhaps ReneSola had been oversold recently, there was market consensus and now we’ll be trading less erratically above a whole new plateau for the foreseeable future.

But as ReneSola slowed its charge, Climate Exchange took up the baton. Now Climate Exchange makes up a much smaller percentage of our portfolio so where not going to see the overall gains that we’ve seen recently, but an 18% rise in a day in any holding is nothing to be sneezed at.

Eros International – our Bollywood film producer and distributor – continued its good form of late, rising 7% on the day, on the back of announcing a record breaking Indian box office performance for its first Marathi release.

Low Carbon Accelerator gained 6.5% and Lloyds Bank received a little more support from investors after its recent restructuring news, rising 2.6% on the day.

We finished down on the day but there’s lots there to be happy about.

Thanks again for dropping by.

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