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13 Jun | Day 45 – Portfolio Value £7,690 Down £90 On The Day

ReneSola experienced a second day of retracement following our crazy gains that began last week, but interestingly it seemed to settle around the two pound mark. Psychologically, nice round figures tend to make convenient entry and exit points for investors and theoritaclly at least, can bring on increased volume. “If that thing ever gets under two quid, I’m getting back in”, or “if this donkey ever gets above two quid, I’m selling the lot!” We’ll see what happens after investors have a weekend to stew on it.

I’ll be happy with a little less volatility from ReneSola next week, some nice steady, sustainable gains would be good, though we’ve taken our share of profits this past week. Our holding in ReneSola has gone from 2,377 shares down to 1,000. If it dips significantly early in the week, I’ll be jumping back in, otherwise I think we’ll look for a little value elsewhere. It’s nice not having ReneSola hog the portfolio anymore, to live or die on the back of a single share’s performance.

Today we had another three shares step into the limelight. Ceramic Fuel Cells finished north 10% on the day, Climate Exchange, 8% and Eros International (our Bollywood film producer and distrubutor) up 7%.

These are interesting investing times we live in.