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16 Jun | Day 49 – Portfolio Value £7,789 Up £274 On The Day

Following ReneSola’s New York listing (SOL) climbing 35 cents in as many minutes before yesterday’s close of trade, I guess I was half expecting some modest gains in ReneSola’s share price today. Half expecting. Though as I’ve pointed out more than once on Investor Trader, what should happen and what does happen with AIM listed shares, are often two very distinct beasts.

So in retrospect, it seems the little virtual pat on the back I gave myself yesterday for profit taking last week (before ReneSola began its retracement) may have been a touch premature, as it finished up a chunky 29.5 pence today or 15.6% on the day.

As for further predictions, I have none. One thing is for certain though, I won’t be selling any of our ReneSola holding anytime soon.

Lloyds made some nice ground today finishing up 3.7% on the day as it inches its way back in to investor’s good books, while our only other mover of note was a 4.5% fall in Eros International. Following its 25% gain since we bought it a week and a half back, we’ll forgive it this small correction.

The only other news of note is from a little flutter we have going on the British Pound, Aussie Dollar pairing (GBP/AUD). We  went long on the Pound at .4955 a little while back and as I type it has moved 144 pips to the good. We’ll ride it for as long as we can, keeping our stop a nice safe distance from the action but making sure we clear a quid or two into the bargain should the dollar gain ground.

Okay, that’s it for the day, thanks again for dropping by and as always, comments are most welcome.