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05 Jun | On the Radar – Eros International

On a tip from a visitor (thanks Jon), we’ve taken a closer look at Eros International PLC – a market-leading Indian film producer and distributor that have been in the game since 1977.

Without going into numbers, their 2008 annual report made very interesting reading and although things have changed since then, their business mix caters well for those tightening their purse strings – during recessions you may swap your visits to the cinema for a night in with a DVD – either way Eros has both of those markets covered.

Eros has built a successful business model by combining the release of a portfolio of 30-40 new films every year with the exploitation of a valuable film library of over 1,900 film titles, making it undisputedly one of the largest content owners in the business.

Bollywood, as an industry has gone through a major growth period in recent years and western films like Slumdog Millionaire have probably helped fuel the flames a little. I can’t see it slowing. So my head tells me Eros has a pretty healthy upside. Time will tell.