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15 Jun | On the Radar – Renewable Energy Holdings

On the advice of one of our readers (thanks Justin) we’ve placed Renewable Energy Holdings (REH.L) on the radar.

As its name suggests, Renewable Energy Holdings is all about sustainable renewable energy.

They seem to have their finger in a few alternative energy pies from wind, wave and solar through to methane capture and hydro power generation.

Obviously we love the sector with all it’s crunchy green goodness and with its diversity, REH.L, looks in a good position to cash in on this increasingly important niche of the energy sector.

This diversification provides shareholders with the benefit of access to distinct opportunities in these fields at different times, and a less volatile valuation on their power generation portfolio.

At the time of writing, Renewable Energy Holding’s revenue is derived from 40.5 MW of wind farm projects in Germany and a 1 MW landfill gas project in the UK.

It also owns a proprietary wave power device, CETO, which it is in the the process of bringing to the market.

Obviously do your own research on this one, but as for Investor Trader, we’ll be keeping a close eye on REH.L over the coming weeks with an eye to furthering our exposure to the exciting alternative energy sector with a little Renewable Energy Holdings of our own.