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12 Jun | Sale – ReneSola (just a little more)

I see red arrows next to ReneSola for a second day in a row and I run! Only kiddng, though there is an Annual Report on offer very soon. I was under the impression that it was on their website, but I can’t see it yet.

Anyway, we sold another parcel of 500 shares at £2.0414 for a total consideration of £1,020.70 this morning, bringing our holding back to 1,000 shares.

In the past on occasion, following – what i thought to be – good results, ReneSola has come back a little in price. This share is notorious for being hyped and then falling back just as quickly so today’s sale was a little bit of a defensive move. If we do lose some of the recent gains made, I’ll see it as a buying opportunity and jump back in.

If it continues its growth, I’ll be happy in the knowledge that after our recent profit takings, our holding in ReneSola has been completely paid for by the gains we’ve made in the past 45 days.

Long term, it’s still my fave but it doesn’t mean we can’t try and profit from it on the dips and peaks.

May all your arrows be blue and thanks again for dropping by.