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05 Jun | Sale – ReneSola (just a little)

If you’ve been following my posts of late (especially the daily updates) you will have noticed ReneSola has been rallying a fair bit in the past week. So when it poked it’s head above 170 pence today it was just too inviting not to take a little profit.

So, we sold 337 shares at £1.7225 for a return of £580.44.

We still hold 2,000 shares in ReneSola at an average price of £1.0450, so after taking a little cream off the top, I’m happy to sit back and see what the market does. Our ReneSola holdings are around 66% up in just over a month, so no complaints.

My opinion for what it’s worth – unless there’s some breaking news around the corner – ReneSola will test 180 pence and then drift back to new resistance around 150 pence.

Good luck to all holders.