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21 Jun | Bargains on AIM

With AIM shares pretty much taking a beating across the board, it’s a good time to keep an eye out for an AIM bargain or two.

I’m not saying dive in head-first for all you’re worth, but there’s a lot of very good companies that have probably drifted into the over-sold category that are worth keeping an eye on. And if they haven’t already then they’re certainty heading in that direction as investors look to turn holdings to cash and replenish their savings or chase a commodity dollar or two in the short term.

So how do you find them, these oversold shares? Well in the case of AIM shares, AIM Soirée sorts then lists the most chatted about shares on AIM.

What does that mean for your average AIM investor? Well it’s a great place to do a little AIM-based research. The bulletin boards for AIM shares – on some of our favourite sites like LSE.co.uk and Interactive Investor – tend to light up when there’s been a massive gain or loss (or there’s one on the horizon) in a company’s value. When that happens, AIM Soirée locates that share, ranks it and then lists it on its home page. In fact every day at midday it ranks 813 AIM shares and ranks them by sector.

Now it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re over-bought or over-sold, it just means they’re getting some serious attention on UK investment bulletin boards. It’s then up to you to decide whether you’d like to delve a little deeper, perhaps even make an investment.

To give you a bit of an example: Today’s number one share on AIM Soirée is Provexis.

Now I know very little about the company but by delving a little deeper I can see that in the past fortnight it’s pretty much halved in value.



Why? Can’t tell you. Is it over-sold? Well I’m not about to comment on that either – I’ve done absolutely no research on Provexis. But my point is, I found it because you – the AIM investing public – are chatting about it on the BBs and by chatting about on the BBs it has made the home page list on AIM Soirée.

So check out AIM Soirée, bookmark it and head back often, you might just nab yourself a bargain.