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23 Jun | Buys and Sells and Gold

Lots going on, but I’m heading off – on holidays that is. A midsummer week of island-hopping in Scandinavia. Now if that sun would just re-appear.

I’m usually not one to scare too easily but today – with a week away from the keyboard coming up and the way things are heading on AIM – I’ve had a bit of a sell-off, turning four of our holdings to cash and dipping in for a cheeky top-up on one share, that – in my humble opinion – has been way over-sold. Time will tell.

Believe it or not the four shares we’ve liquidated have all turned a little profit and in the case of one in particular, a very nice return. But more on that on my return.

I’ve also topped up our holding of gold.

It feels good to be actively trading again and not sitting back watching any profits I’ve made go down the gurgler. We’re still nursing paper losses on half a dozen shares but in most of those cases the reasons I bought have not changed – and the losses aren’t huge – so I’m happy to hold and see what transpires.

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be looking to turn that cash back into holdings. I won’t be rushing. Patience is the key here. But when things turn – as they always do sooner or later – I’ve got a nice little bit of cash to put back into the market.

Thanks again for dropping by. May your portfolios swim in a sea of blue!