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02 Jul | Day 65 – Portfolio Value £7,202 Down £114 On The Day

So on the back of a triple-digit drop in the FTSE it was another day of low expectations. And low expectations delivered!

Eros International delivered some final results, highlights as follows:

  • Group turnover up 38.7% to US$ 156.7m (2008:US$ 113.0m)
  • Gross Profit up 13.4% to US$ 71.5m (2008: US$ 63.0m)
  • EBITDA up 41% to US$ 109.5 m (2008:US$ 77.9 m) with 62% of EBITDA converted to cash
  • Profit before tax up 7% to US$ 48.4m (2008: US$ 45.5 m)
  • Basic EPS per share up 5% to 35.1 cents (2008: 33.5 cents)

With everything probably factored into the price already, Eros dropped off 3% on the day.

Ceramic Fuel Cells gave some stock to staff and finished the day up 3%. Climate Exchange edged closer to 10 quid still buoyed by earlier news of the possibility of a takeover and that’s where the good news ended.

Oh, our punt on the British Pound against the Aussie Dollar is currently 133 pips to good for a profit of £266, a £100 turn around from this time yesterday.

Our portfolio as a whole seems to be in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment, probably with a slight tilt to the south if I’m honest.

Here’s hoping for a happier end to the trading week.