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08 Jul | Day 71 – Portfolio Value £6,541 Down £321 On The Day

Red, red, red, our portfolio is as red as a sunburnt Communist sipping a Bloody Mary! Every one of our nine pathetic holdings finished the day in negative territory. Do I sound a little bitter? Maybe, just a touch, but the inner optimist in me is trying to see the positives.

After dropping 9% (and drifting from almost a quid higher this time last month) ReneSola may have slipped back into my buying zone, so we could be looking at a top in the next couple of days. My newly-discovered risk-averse side is telling me to hold back and possibly even turn a holding or two into cash. Time will tell which side will win this inner-struggle.

One thing is for certain, my purchase of Cosalt was about as badly timed as any investment I’ve made for a while (it’s dropped 40% in a little over three weeks).

World markets have definately slipped back into a downward trend in the past few weeks, now whether this is a primary or a secondary trend should become apparent in the next month or so. Whatever the case I’m off for a few beers (maybe even a bloody Mary) to drown my short-term sorrows. Thanks again for dropping by.

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