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13 Jul | Day 76 – Portfolio Value £6,584 Up £19 On The Day

So after an eternity – or a whole Celine Dion album for those who require a little perspective – our little portfolio finished a day valued higher than when it began. Hooray!

And whilst our recent falls have been nothing stupendous – except in the case of (insert your own collection of expletives here) Cosalt – all those red arrows do tend to get to you after a while.

The FTSE finished the day 75 points higher and the Dow as I type is nudging 150 points to the good, so maybe, just maybe, there’s more to come tomorrow.

So, onto the winners: ReneSola bounced back with a 3.5% gain on the day (maybe in part due to the Sahara Solar project announcement, maybe not), Lloyds finished north 1.9% and Climate Exchange (our one shining light of late) was up 1.8%.

And the losers: who cares about the losers!

Bring on Tuesday.