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20 Jul | Day 83 – Portfolio Value £7,193 Down £6 On The Day

In overall terms it was a bit of subdued start to the week for our little portfolio considering the recent strength of local markets but the lights that shone, shone brightly.

Lloyds Bank surged ahead 6.7% on the day on the back of a weekend report stating it could post an interim profit despite enormous bad-debt provisions. It appears some of its most toxic sub-prime investments are more just icky than toxic, having clawed back billions of pounds of value in recent months.

China Biodiesel, that we fortuitously added to our portfolio only late last week, piled on 17.9% today, though I’m not sure why. Something is definitely afoot here though and we may look at adding more in the coming days in the hope that it’ll make further gains in the short to mid term. A ridiculous spread, that is often the case with penny shares, is a bit of an impediment to entry.

Thanks again for dropping by.