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29 Jul | Day 92 – Portfolio Value £7,378 Up £47 On The Day

Following yesterday’s regurgitation of all gains made on Monday (and then some), today was a little more settled with a handful of modest gains made across our portfolio.

Ceramic Fuel Cells finished the day up 6.5% on the back on news that it has extended its agreement with GDF Suez to develop and deploy fuel cell micro combined heat and power (mCHP) units in France.

Lloyds Bank continued it’s merry journey northward finishing up a further 2.7% today, whilst both our recent Chinese acquisitions – West China Cement and China Biodiesel – made small gains on the day.

Even Cosalt had a win, making back 8.5% of it’s value, though it’s bled closer to 50% since we took a stake – ho hum!

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As you were.