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01 Jul | Stock Market Rules

stock-market-rulesI’ve got to admit, kicking off this little Investor Trader adventure has been a bit of a re-education process for me. I’ve suffered different levels of interest in investing in the UK equities market over the years but to devote my attention to the task of managing a portfolio on an almost daily basis over a prolonged period, is definitely a change in tack.

So I figured it was time for some brushing up and a visit to the dusty section of the bookshelf.

First off I grabbed a copy of Stock Market Rules by Michael D. Sheimo. It’s probably not aimed at the complete novice but with a basic grounding in investment terminology you won’t be out of your depth.

Stock Market Rules defines and dissects 50 of the most widely used business axioms that have been doing the rounds since Buffet was a boy. We’ve probably all heard a lot of them before: “Sell High, Buy Low”, “Buy on Monday, Sell on Friday” and “Never get Married to a Stock”.

Each chapter takes in a single saying, looks at it in a little depth, then goes about the task of pulling it to pieces or taking it on board or in some cases, a little of both. Each of the 50 axiom analyses are backed by real market examples (U.S. based and a little dated as they are).

It’s a well-researched (though once or twice I found myself scratching my head a little), handy guide for those who want to get up to speed with their investment speak (talk the talk) whilst learning some investment fundamentals but probably not geared to those who’ve been doing their own investing thing for any real amount of time.

Pick up a copy of Stock Market Rules at Amazon UK (and Amazon US for our American cousins).