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13 Aug | Day 107 – Portfolio Value £8,261 Up £160 On The Day

So after taking a bit of breather in June and July, the UK markets seem to have returned to their northward trajectory in the past month or so dragging our little green portfolio with it.

Germany and France today announced GDP growth in the previous quarter indicating rosier times ahead and  the US Reserve held interest rates leading many pundits to speculate whether things aren’t as bad across the pond as was held as consensus. I guess time will tell, but for the moment at least, there seems to be at least a little elbow-room for optimism.

Clipper Windpower today announced that:

two wind energy projects comprising Clipper 2.5 MW Liberty wind turbines were among projects for which $191 million of financing was announced by First Wind on July 21, 2009 -> iii

And although we don’t hold Barclays, they were busy poking their nose around shares in our portfolio, downgrading their price target on Renesola fro $5.60 to $4.50 and announcing their 5% share in Cosalt.

If you get a chance, check out Kiva and share the wealth. Thanks again for dropping by.