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03 Aug | Sale – Lyxor ETF India

Today we sold our holding of 100 shares of Lyxor ETF India (the fund that tracks the S&P CNX NIFTY Index – the nifty fifty – the leading index for large companies on the National Stock Exchange of India) for £5.88 a share for a total return £588.

Our original purchase of 100 shares was made on the 17th June 2009 for £5.6999 a share for a total outlay of £569.99. Our return before costs, a whopping 18 quid.

There’s been no change in our position on India – we’re still very bullish in the short term through the long but with some existing exposure in our portfolio to India through EROS International (our Indian film producer and distributor) we thought there were better opportunities to be had.

In a perfect world (one were we had unlimited cash for investing) we would have kept hold of our Lyxors but they’ll remain firmly on the Investor Trader Radar with a view to re-investing a little down the track.